Canteen Community Care

It was a humid Wednesday evening as the McAlester, Oklahoma canteen roamed the streets of Moore, Oklahoma. Hot barbeque sandwiches and cold beverages were being served from the window of the truck, as volunteers walked the streets, searching for people who looked like they were in need of hydration.

In the neighborhood where the canteen slowly rolled forward, there is a house that is standing on the edge of total destruction. Its roof’s shingles have been destroyed, windows are shattered, small craters in the brick can be seen from the driveway, but the house is still standing. Inside is a woman who has not left since the storms rolled through Moore on Monday. Because she has terminal cancer and her mobility is limited, she has chosen to stay inside of her home.

This woman was brought to the attention of Sargent Rob Daniels, via a concerned neighbor who knew of the situation. Immediately, Sargent Daniels stopped the canteen in front of her house, and approached the woman. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours as the woman recounted story after story of her survival.

So often during disaster, the image of The Salvation Army is a box of warm food in a styrofoam box being delivered to an affected family, but The Salvation Army finds so much more depth in the delivery of a product. We find hope in hopeless situations. We find strength in the fragile. We find opportunities to spread the power that is the gospel of Jesus Christ to the very people he came to save.