New Hours & New Locations For Relief

Yesterday Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) relief efforts expanded into an additional Multi-Agency Relief Center (MARC) set up to serve the survivors of the May 31 events in El Reno at Jenx Simmons Field House at 214 N. Country Club Rd. 

Salvation Army disaster relief services at that location include financial assistance to tornado survivors, Salvation Army Family Stores clothing vouchers to tornado and flooding survivors, and referrals for other services.  

Yesterday was also the first day of new distribution hours at The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Center in the Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads location (formerly Crossroads Mall). 

To better serve community needs, including survivors who have returned to work and cannot visit the Disaster Relief Center during traditional business hours, The Salvation Army has instituted new hours of operation for the Disaster Relief Center from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Each day, the last service appointment of the day at the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Center will be accepted at 7:15 p.m.

One of the nation’s largest federally recognized emergency disaster services agencies in the U.S., The Salvation Army provides relief to 1-2 million disaster survivors and first responders each year and is well-versed in transitioning personnel and resources from initial relief operations—such as providing food, hydration, and initial emotional and spiritual care—to long-term recovery operations that help disaster survivors to re-establish their households and daily lives.

In Oklahoma, Salvation Army EDS teams have been serving and ministering to survivors of the May tornadoes that decimated multiple communities around the Oklahoma City area since May 19. Following a new spate of storms on May 31, The Salvation Army has expanded EDS operations to include new service areas and provisions, including providing residents still without power at their homes with bottled water and food boxes until their power is restored via the Salvation Army Relief Center at the Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads (in the former JC Penney storefront).

These disaster relief operations will continue, as the Army’s first aim is to meet the basic needs of both survivors and first responders:

· Material Comfort
· Physical Comfort
· Spiritual and Emotional Support
Salvation Army EDS staff and volunteers act as a means of expressing God’s love to those in need. The need following these May tornadoes and flooding is great—and will not be met overnight. The Salvation Army has already begun, in the few weeks since the initial storms, to see that Oklahomans’ unmet needs are changing—and our EDS operations are changing and will continue to change in response. 

The Salvation Army expects to announce our long-term recovery plan in the near future. We understand that because so many Oklahomans have lost so much–their homes, their cars, their businesses, their jobs—The Salvation Army will experience increased requests for all types of financial and material assistance, not only in the next few months but also through the holidays and into the new year. Serving Oklahomans for more than a century already, The Salvation Army is always prepared to extend a helping hand to our neighbors in need. We are committed to serving Oklahomans’ unmet needs indefinitely. 

For the latest updates on The Salvation Army’s response to this disaster, there are many options to follow:


Since May 19, 2013, The Salvation Army has provided 48,201 meals, 70,675 drinks, and 62,431 snacks, 22 Canteens (mobile feeding units), 3,794 Clean Up and 5,496 Comfort (hygiene) kits, and prayer with 8,567 persons. More than 13,543 hours have been logged by volunteers, employees and officers.

Updates by Location
The Salvation Army will continue to provide relief services for tornado and flooding survivors and those impacted by power outages indefinitely. Food, hydration, emotional and spiritual care and other supplies are being provided to residents of the heavily impacted areas including:
Canadian County (El Reno, Mustang, Union City), Cleveland County (Little Axe), Lincoln County (Carney), Pottawatomie County (Shawnee and surrounding area), Henryetta, and Moore. · Overall, The Salvation Army has provided food and hydration, as well other items including:ü Clean-up Supplies
ü Hygiene Products
ü Household Goods
ü Financial Assistance to Tornado Survivors
ü Salvation Army Family Stores Clothing Vouchers to Tornado and Flooding Survivors MARCs (Multi-Agency Resource Centers)Hours: Doors Open at 9:00 a.m.
The Salvation Army is providing:

· Financial Assistance to Tornado Survivors
· Salvation Army Family Stores Clothing Vouchers to Tornado & Flooding Survivors 
· Referrals for Other Services
NEW – Canadian County: 
El Reno: Jenx Simmons Field House 
214 N. Country Club Rd 
El Reno, OK 

Lincoln County:
Carney: Carney High School – Rooms 5, 6, 7
304 S. Carney Road
Carney, OK

Pottawatomie County:
Shawnee: Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech (Sky Labs 1 & 2 and Dining Facility)
1 John C. Bruton Boulevard
Shawnee, OK
I-40 and Highway 18

Cleveland County:
Little Axe: Little Axe Elementary School
2000 168th Avenue NE
Norman, OK (Highway 9 and 168th) 

Moore: Westmoore High School
12613 S. Western Ave.
Moore, OK

IN KIND EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE (Bulk Distribution) of In-Kind Gifts
At this location, The Salvation Army is providing water, food, hygiene items, and clean-up kits for anyone affected by the recent tornadoes and flooding.

Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads:

Distribution 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

7000 Crossroads Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK
(Located on SE Corner of mall in former JC Penney store)

Directions: Use I-240 entrance. Drive behind the AMC Theatre and park at the JC Penney Entrance.

·Westmoore High School MARC (Multi-Agency Recovery Center) at 12613 S. Western Ave., Oklahoma City.

· Little Axe Elementary at 2000 168th Avenue NE, Norman (Highway 9 and 168th).

· Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads Tornado Relief Distribution Center at 7000 Crossroads Boulevard, Oklahoma City.

· El Reno MARC at Jenx Simmons Field House, 214 N. Country Club Rd.

ROVING FEEDING FROM CANTEENS:· At 10 a.m. Salvation Army canteens began patrolling the following areas, offering food and hydration as well as spiritual and emotional care by trained counselors: Will Rogers Airport, Moore, Southeast and Southwest 59th Street areas of Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Dell City, Henryetta, Union City, El Reno, and Mustang.