Altus Responds to a Major Apartment Blaze

The Salvation Army was asked to help provide relief at an apartment complex fire in Altus yesterday afternoon. The fire destroyed 16 units with at least eight more damaged by smoke.

The Salvation Army provided 60 meals, 120 snacks and 480 beverages as well as emotional and spiritual care on-site. The Salvation Army is also providing clothing and other household items to the families affected by the fire through The Salvation Army’s Family Store located on the square in Altus.

“No one can prepare for something like this. We saw families literally running out of their house with whatever they could grab, which was almost nothing. We are here, ready to help them in any way we can” says Lieutenant Joseph Price of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army will continue to work with emergency officials to assess any further needs. Lieutenant Betty Price notes that help came quickly for these families, saying “The community has already reached out and embraced them, including the Altus AFB families who lost their homes. We are so glad to see how many people have come alongside those impacted to help them start the recovery process.”

Donations of clothing and household goods will be accepted at The Salvation Army’s Family Store, 110 N Main, where families will be given the opportunity to ‘shop’ for what they need.