Farnham Family Donates $104,600

The Salvation Army of Ada, alongside five other organizations, was the beneficiary of a generous gift from the Farnham Family Trust on December 12, 2013.

“On behalf of my father and mother — Jerry and Mamie Farnham — and my family, including my brother, Mark Farnham, my husband, Dr. Charles Nicolet, and our daughter, Emily Nicolet, I am grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge this distribution of the Farnham Family Trust funds to the six institutions that have meant so much to my father and mother and the Farnham family,” Dr. Peggy Farnham said in written statement.

The Farnham Family Trust evenly distributed $627,600 to the organizations, bringing the donation for The Salvation Army to a total of $104,600.

The Salvation Army wishes to express their overwhelming gratitude to the Farnham Family for their generous donation, and looks forward to using the funds to carry on the Farnham legacy of caring for and serving the people and communities of Ada, Oklahoma.