Fayetteville Youth Participate in ‘Super’ VBS Event

FayVBS1The Salvation Army of Fayetteville, Arkansas recently hosted it’s Vacation Bible School for the youth of the Corps. An outlet to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the young people of Northwest Arkansas, the week long event featured faith based skits and teachings and musical worship.

On opening night, Corps Officer Lt. Josh Robinett presented a skit. In the story, two superheroes became stuck in quicksand. Once the heroes were freed from their entrapment, one superhero took decided to take credit for their rescue for himself, while the other superhero point out that without the grace of God, they could not have been saved. The presentation was an opportunity for the youth to hear the gospel message in a creative and entertaining way. FayVBS2

The event also gave the kids the chance to participate in games where prizes were awarded to those who participated. An array of snacks and drinks were also provided to the 70-80 youth who visited the Fayetteville Corps each night.

For more information on the youth programs of the Fayetteville Corps, call (479) 521-2151.

Canteen Ministry Launches in Stillwater

On the outskirts of Stillwater lies a neighborhood that is notoriously impoverished. There are not many homes within it, and its residents are in need of various types of assistance. Here, The Salvation Army of Stillwater was able to serve the needs of their own community. This neighborhood, which was suggested by the Homeless Caseworker of Stillwater Public Schools, was recently treated to an evening of food and emotional care.

The corps officers, Captains Knott, along with two advisory board members, loaded up the canteen and set up within the neighborhood, ready to serve those who approached. Each family who visited the canteen received a box with enough food to provide a feast. Inside the food box was a frozen chicken, corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and pumpkin pie, along with a box of cereal for the family to serve breakfast in the morning. While receiving the boxes, families with children were encouraged to sign their children up for the “Dress For Success” program, which provides back-to-school clothing at no cost.

Stillwater had been looking to re-launch its canteen ministries, but until recently did not have a canteen that was adequate enough to handle the program. Now able to drive through Stillwater with a recently refurbished canteen, Captain Patrisha Knott says that “serving this neighborhood is the perfect opportunity to engage the community through our canteen ministry.”

Car-Mart Delivers an Unexpected Surprise in Lawton

The Salvation Army is often the recipient of many unexpected surprises, and on July 2nd, Lt. Israel Roseno, corps officer in Lawton, Oklahoma, got a phone call that truly was a ‘breath of fresh air’. On the other end of the phone was Car-Mart, who told Lt. Roseno that they had recently held a box fan drive and that The Salvation Army was chosen as the beneficiary of the donations.

LawtonBodyExcited and grateful for their generous donation, Lt. Roseno got into a truck and headed down to the Car-Mart dealership to pick up the box fans. When he arrived, over 25 box fans were outside waiting to be loaded into the vehicle.

“This donation will allow us to extend our fan services for those dealing with high temperatures in their homes,” Lt. Roseno remarked on the acceptance of the fans. “Thank you Car-Mart for being a shield against the heat!”

The box fans will be distributed throughout the upcoming summer months, when people in Oklahoma are finding themselves in dire need of a cool air source, but cannot afford to pay the high price of running an air conditioner. For more information about how the fans will be distributed, please contact The Salvation Army of Lawton at (580) 355-1802.