• Pathway of Hope Program 

    PrintThe Pathway of Hope Program is an innovative strategic initiative to break the cycle of poverty, equip families for success and impact their lives in responsible independence.   This initiative will seek to address root causes that will assist them in breaking the cycle of poverty and moving them to self-sufficiency. This strength based model of social services focuses on possibilities rather than problems and strives to identify and develop strengths to assist clients in reaching their goals and dreams. It is a process of developing a team that includes the client, caseworker and community to serve the whole person (physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually).

    Our ongoing spiritual journey demonstrates that inner work is a necessary effective engagement in outer change. The means of this inner work is clearly grounded in our commitment to spiritual practices. God, Himself, has created in us this desire to change and is faithful to empower us to make this shift in the way we demonstrate His love and compassion to others.

    Targeting families with children comes from the desire to have an intergenerational impact on poverty. Targeting individuals aging out of foster care is our approach in working with other community partners (i.e., The Call, DHS, etc.) to transition these young adults into a position of strength for the needed life skills and education for their success.

    Influencing the children of the family units we will serve; as well as, the young adults aging out of foster care is crucial. The longer a child is in poverty, the greater the chance he or she will remain in poverty as an adult. Over time, helping families achieve stability could reduce the dependence of future generations on Salvation Army services.

    One of the strongest building blocks to success for families is the resource of housing. The Director of Homeless Services will identify existing positive building blocks in the client’s environments that can serve as a foundation for growth and change.

    The Director of Homeless Services will coordinate educational and functional training for these families in Life Skill Classes, Budgeting/Finance Classes, Parenting Classes utilizing Salvation Army resources and volunteers within the community to equip our client to progress towards success.