Center of Hope Shelter

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    The Center of Hope provides emergency assistance, shelter, housing, chemical dependency counseling, transitional housing, health care services and spiritual support to its clients. We operate a 61-bed shelter that houses women and families. This includes three private rooms for families.

    Check-in for the Center of Hope is 6:15 p.m.
    For shelter availability, call (501) 374-8636 after 4:30 PM daily.
    Breakfast and dinner are served daily to hungry families and individuals.
    Breakfast: 6:30 AM
    Dinner: 5:30 PM

    Social Services
    Each client must schedule an appointment with the Salvation Army Social Services Department upon the first business day after they check into the shelter. Social Services will work with each client to develop a case plan to accomplish each client’s short-term and long-term goals.

    Length of Stay
    Each client is guaranteed seven FREE consecutive nights of shelter so long as they follow our rules and guidelines. Continued stay at the shelter will be determined by the client’s efforts to complete the goals laid out in the client’s case plan.

    Seeking Employment
    Each client is expected to seek long-term, sustainable employment. If unable to work due to disability or retirement, it is the client’s responsibility to inform and work with Salvation Army Social Services to for a referral to apply for subsidized housing.

    Recovery Meetings
    All clients are required to attend at least one in-house recovery meeting. These meetings are led by Highways & Hedges using the Celebrate Recovery curriculum. The meetings are held on Mondays starting at 7:00 PM. These meetings offer an opportunity for addicts to connect to services and for non-addicts to discuss what issues led to their homelessness.

    Life Skills
    On the third Tuesday of each month, the Veterans Administration teaches life skills in our shelter at 7PM. These classes are open to all of our guests.

    Once a client has obtained income, he or she may move into our transitional program and pay $75 weekly or $300 monthly for a long-term stay in our program. A one-time drug-test fee of $18 is required along with the first $75 program fee.

    1111 West Markham
    Little Rock, AR 72201