Be a Shield: Serve a Meal

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    Be a Shield: Serve a Meal

    Click hereIn 2011, The Salvation Army served 74,599 meals at the Center of Hope Shelter in downtown Little Rock. In 2012, that number increased to 85,854. While this dramatic increase is troubling, we have faith that our volunteers will support us in filling this need.

    How you can help:

    GET ORGANIZED - Gather a group of friends, coworkers, or church members to serve a meal at our shelter. This is a great opportunity to get involved and SEE exactly how your gift is impacting the lives of our neighbors in need. Several local churches have made this a regular part of their ministry. School organizations have used this as a service project to fill requirements for volunteer hours. If you want to serve, but feel overwhelmed at the idea of cooking for such a large group, be a meal sponsor and let us prepare the meal for you.

    CAN’T SERVE? BE A SPONSOR - Depending on the meal, it can cost anywhere between $150 and $400 to purchase food for each meal at our shelter. If you are unable to purchase and prepare the meal, we would deeply appreciate your sponsorship at any level. As a sponsor, we can assign you and your team a designated night on our meal calendar.

    You can donate online or mail/drop off a check at our office at 1111 West Markham, Little Rock, AR 72201

    HAVE QUESTIONS? SCHEDULE A TOUR - Contact us at 501-374-9296 ext. 110 or by email at We will be happy to show you around, answer questions, and share best practices.

    ADOPT A MEAL ON OUR MEAL CALENDAR - Below is our dinner calendar for November. Dinner is served at 5:00 PM each evening. Please consider adopting a night:

    November 1 – Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 2 – New Life Group – The Church at Rock Creek (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 3 – Delta Sigma Theta (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 4 – Target (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 5 – Linda Hall Family (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 6 – Linda Hall Family (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 7 – South Little Rock Recruiting (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 8 – Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church Prayer Ministry (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 9 – Available

    November 10 – Available

    November  11 – Salvation Army Advisory Board Members (THANK YOU!!!)

    November  12 – Park Hill Baptist Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 13 – Greater Works Christian Church, Women of Destiny Group (THANK YOU!!!)

    November  14 – South Little Rock Recruiting (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 15 — Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 16 —  Parkway Place Baptist Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 17 — Linda Hall Family (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 18 – Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 19 – Collegeville Elementary KICKS 5 Officers (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 20 – Baskin Family (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 21 – South Little Rock Recruiting (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 22 — Chi Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 23 – Friendship Baptist Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 24 – Greater Works Christian Church, Youth Ministry (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 25 – Grace Temple (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 26 – Available

    November 27 – Special Thanksgiving Meal

    November 28 — South Little Rock Recruiting (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 29 — Mt. Sinai Christian Church (THANK YOU!!!)

    November 30 — The Impact Zone (THANK YOU!!!)