Did you know … ?

A Salvation Army church is called a “Corps”. The minister is the Corps Officer.

A corps embodies the total Salvationist mission of joyful worship, fellowship and community service.

Salvationists share the beliefs of most mainline Christian Churches. Through our meetings, Sunday Schools and community activities we seek to encourage people in Christian faith. We seek to advance the future of people by building stronger character, encouraging Christian values, training in the Christian lifestyle, promoting emotional health and stimulating creative abilities. We address issues of public concern and seek to awaken the social and moral conscience of the general public by taking and furthering Biblically based positions on social issues that profoundly affect the quality of human life like abortion, alcohol, gambling, pornography and euthanasia.

The corps achieve these goals by providing:

Worship services

Community activities ( activities offered and times are dependant upon the corps). These may include:
Bible studies
companion club
craft groups
home league
kid’s club
Youth club

Community Services (or referral) such as:
Emergency Relief
Family Support
Thrift Shop
Youth Services