Success Stories


    – JEREMIAH 29:11

    A young, talented woman serving in US Army Reserves faced tough decisions of how to provide for her young son, Abrean, and her unborn child. She had dreams and plans to go to college but knew she had to work toward stability in housing and employment so she could provide for her children.

    Not able to live with family due to lack of space and realizing she needed more security than just a “boyfriend” relationship for her children, DaeShondra asked a friend for advice. That friend’s advice led her to the Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative. DaeShondra began her Pathway of Hope journey in February 2017 with supportive housing and a framework of goals and action plans that gave her hope. Soon, she welcomed her second son, Chance, into her home, and Pathway of Hope was there to celebrate and support her in the balance of caring for two children and working toward stability and sustainability.

    “Being a single mom is complicated, but I have to keep in mind that I am responsible for all the support that my two sons need. Pathway of Hope has given me the opportunity and support that has allowed me to find stability in so many crucial areas of my life. I may not be able to be totally independent, but Pathway of Hope has morally supported me in building stability for my family.”

    I asked DaeShondra to sum up how Pathway of Hope has impacted her life and family.” Pathway of Hope is here to make a lasting difference and you will receive the support you need when you need it. I appreciate the life skill mentoring and simply knowing that you can budget and pay your bills.”

    DaeShondra began at establishing stability and sustainability, but now has a good job that can give her the opportunity to begin her education goal that will improve her ability to earn better wages for her family. She plans to remain in the Army Reserves for the next few years using this as a positive way to build more stability in her life and use military benefits.

    “My goals and dreams are important so that my sons can grow up with stability and opportunities for education and personal development. I do not want my sons to repeat the same struggles that happen to me.”

    DaeShondra, Abrean and Chance are a family loving each other and working together successfully. She is living out the purpose of Pathway of Hope from generation to generation. Thank you, DaeShondra, for serving the United States in the military and setting a great example for your sons.



    Jessica is one young lady who had to grow up fast. Her mother, brothers and Jessica lived at a Salvation Army Shelter and another local shelter for families. Jessica absorbed the difficulty of her mother’s struggle to gain success and stability for the family. Jessica had her first child before finishing school and her brothers struggled in finding purpose in their family’s journey. However, the family finally was able to gain their independent housing and had a place to call “home”. Soon afterwards, Jessica’s mother died, and Jessica had to face the harsh reality of planning a funeral at age 18. As time passed, Jessica lived with an aunt who encouraged and gave as much as she could to help Jessica have hope. Jessica begins to rebuild her family again with her daughter. She is referred to the Salvation Army from a local family agency. She is working full time, caring for her daughter and expecting a son in the next 5 months. Do you try another program? Do you take the risk after such lost for so long? Jessica interviewed with POH and was willing to re-establish her home in Pathway Of Hope transitional apartments. Jessica is choosing to build stability and success for herself and her children. Her courage to face each day is amazing. When asked to give her insight into life, she softly and thoughtfully stated, “ Never give up improving your life no matter what you have experienced”. Jessica is choosing to build stability and success for herself and her children. She has set a goal to finish her education and fulfill her dream and goal at being a nurse. Wise insight from a 19 year old single mom who sees hope in her family dreams and plans.