Support the Angel Tree

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    The Salvation Army provides Christmas gifts to 1,100 families in central Arkansas each year through the Angel Tree program. This program is a massive undertaking that takes hundreds of volunteers and donors each year. We need volunteers to serve in the following capacities:

    1. Application process: We take applications from needy families for Christmas assistance for two weeks in October each year. We need volunteers to assist each head-of-household through the application process. This includes examining their documents to be sure they have everything required to begin the application process, filling out the application so that it is neat and legible, and gathering the information from the parent / guardian for each child’s wish list.
    2. Angel Tree Booths: The Salvation Army of Central Arkansas has two manned Angel Tree booths: McCain Mall and Park Plaza Mall. We need volunteers to sit at our Angel Tree booths during mall hours and help donors adopt angels off the trees. These volunteers will answer general questions about the Angel Tree and keep gifts organized as they are being returned.
    3. Distribution Center: We need teams of volunteers everyday during the holiday season to help unload gifts off the trucks and organize the gifts into each family’s box.

    If you or your organization would like to assist with any of these activities during the holiday season, please call 501-374-9296.