Community Cares

Community Care Ministries

Community Care Ministries is designed to motivate, mobilize and train soldiers, adherents and other volunteers to effectively carry out Christ’s commission to care to those in need. There are no limits to show compassionate, transformational care; it is simply people caring for one another in very practical ways.

This truly reflects God’s love and shines God’s light into the dark places and times of life. Together, let us commit ourselves to caring for our families, neighbors, neighborhoods, corps and cities.

The Community Care Ministries purpose is to encourage, equip and empower officers, soldiers, volunteers, youths and children to engage in loving acts of service that will transform lives, corps and communities. We will accomplish this through educational institutes, motivational dialogue and interaction, the provision of effective resources and personal example. Guidance, training and opportunity for practical help to others is given through the training modules of the Community Care Ministries’ curriculum.

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