Locals Volunteer As Bell Ringers For The Holidays


FAYETTEVILLE(KFSM)– Every year red kettles and smiling volunteers greet you at the door of your favorite supermarkets, ringing their bell and wishing you a happy holiday.

The Salvation Army tradition started 125 years ago as an effort to feed one thousand hungry people in San Fransisco.

Donations from the red kettles now help support over 4 and half million people in the U.S. .

Bell ringers graciously donate their time and their smile to support those in need.

Ken Martin says he enjoys participating with the Salvation Army every year.

“There’s many folk that are down and out and this is just one way I can give back to the community.”, said Martin who has been a bell ringer with his church group for the past 6 years.

Volunteers takes shifts at kettles across the world during the coldest time of the year.

But watching joyful shoppers drop donations in their kettle is what helps them pass the time by.

Locals Volunteer As Bell Ringers For The Holidays