The Northwest Arkansas Area Command operates two Emergency Shelters in Northwest Arkansas, one in Bentonville and one in Fayetteville. These shelters are open 365 nights a year. Between our two shelters, we have 72 beds. To stay with us there is a small application process. Additionally, a photo I.D. is required and we do breathalyzer tests to ensure everyone is safe. Guests can stay 10 business days with us. However, we do work with people on an individual basis to provide the best care possible.

We serve free meals each evening at both locations and breakfast in Bentonville. Meals are open to anyone in the community. Our shelters are meant to be a temporary option. We work with guests on a case-by-case basis to meet needs and find permanent housing. If you know of a need, please contact us.

During the hot summer months, we open cooling center when there is a Heat Advisory issued for the local area. We check local forecast to determine this. Our cooling center in Fayetteville is located in our Activity Center.  In Bentonville, this is located in our shelter dining/community area.

When windchill temperature is 34 degrees or below we open our cold-weather warming (day) centers. This helps keep people safe and warm in critical times. Even if our shelter beds are full, we create space and provide cots and blankets to people needing a warm place to stay during the day and night.


Bentonville Emergency Shelter
Opens at 5:00 PM | Mens, Womens Dorms and Family Suites
Dinner Served at 6:00 PM | Breakfast at 6:00 AM
3305 S.W. I Street, Bentonville, AR



Fayetteville Emergency Shelter
Opens at 4:30 PM | Mens & Womens and Family Dorms
Check in times: 4:30 – 9:00 PM
Dinner served at 5:00 PM (4:30 on Sunday)
219 W 15th Street (Enter at the back of the Command Center)
Fayetteville, AR 72701




We gladly accept donations of food, blankets, and toiletries. These items are provided to guests staying in our shelter and to people in need in our communities.

A look inside our Shelters